Height adjustment and manufacturing requirements for fixed dock bridges


The main structural components of fixed boarding bridges are made of steel in the manufacturing process. The steel structure undergoes a strict surface treatment of rust removal during use, and no welding spatter or slag is produced after welding the fixed boarding bridge. The mobile boarding bridge only needs to be operated by one person and no power supply is required to achieve safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. Mobile docking bridge is widely used in cargo platform and mobile loading and unloading facilities without loading and unloading equipment. It is an auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading used in conjunction with forklifts.


All welded joints of fixed docking bridges are welded by CO2 gas shielded welding, with beautiful and firm welds. The product will be sprayed four times around the coating, i.e. the second primer middle top coat, and its film thickness is not less than 0.08mm.


Fixed boarding bridge effectively uses electro-hydraulic pressure, the equipment operation process is simple, the height of the equipment can be adjusted at will, and the equipment adjustment range is wide. Effectively improve the loading and unloading efficiency and effectively save manpower.


The hydraulic system used to fix the docking bridge lifts the main deck and stretches the extension. The equipment runs smoothly and safely during operation. The pipe, hydraulic pump and water tank are mounted on the bottom of the table, away from the debris in the shaft, as a complete assembly.

The stationary dock has automatic load shedding, which enriches the effective selection of accessories, further improves safety, increases the convenience of operation and reduces the maintenance requirements of the equipment during use.


The fixed boarding bridge effectively uses a manual hydraulic pump as the power source, eliminating the need to connect to an external power source during use and facilitating the height adjustment of the equipment. The fixed boarding bridge is a loading and unloading aid together with the loading platform. The equipment is integrated with the platform. It can be adjusted according to the height of the truck car. It can be adjusted up and down to facilitate forklift access to the carriage. The equipment adopts imported hydraulic pump station. Both sides are equipped with anti-roll skirts for safer work and improved work efficiency. It is equipped with brake pads to prevent the displacement of the boarding bridge during cargo handling.

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