How to avoid the harm caused by high temperature in small electric lifts

Bearing is the easy to wear parts in small electric lift. It is easy to cause the temperature to rise during work, and in serious cases, it can burn other parts. With the continuous progress and development of technology, the application of automatic induction cooling device has solved this problem.

One: the composition of the cooling system:

The lift machine bearing automatic induction cooling device uses RTD for temperature measurement at the measurement point, multi-channel digital instrumentation to display the temperature value of the bearing, PLC to achieve parameter setting, remote monitoring, data storage and alarm processing, etc.

Second, the impact of high bearing temperature of unloader:

Bearing temperature is too high, will cause material expansion, resulting in noise and mechanical damage due to small mechanical clearance, mobile lifting platform available measurement method for mobile lifting platform bearing temperature monitoring, by measuring the temperature rise in the operation of the lift truck bearing, to understand whether the bearing is normal, bearing temperature is generally limited to a temperature rise of no more than 45 ℃, monitoring if the temperature of the bearing is found to be more than 70-80 ℃, should be immediately shut down for inspection.

Third, the principle of operation:

①In the actual programming process, there is no need to write read and write PLC register program, through the method of data definition, after defining the I/O variables, you can directly use the variable name for system control, operation display, data recording and alarm, etc. The system sets a start button to start the control program, set the red and green 2 indicators to show the temperature status, the temperature of the 4 boarding bridge measurement points within the required range, the green light is on, indicating that the spindle can operate normally.
② When the temperature of a measured point reaches the upper limit, even if the spindle speed has not yet reached the requirements, the red light is on, while the corresponding bearing alarm on the CNC system display, the operator will spindle immediately stop running, and according to the corresponding alarm number to check the condition of the corresponding position of the bearing, so as to avoid bearing research injury phenomenon, modern PLC with strong functionality, high integration, strong anti-interference ability, flexible configuration, stable work and other significant features, widely used in the automatic control of modern industry, PLC can be extended with some intelligent control modules to form different control systems.

Fourth, the advantages:

PLC intelligent temperature control system, easy to operate, good reliability, improve the performance of the equipment, to avoid the high temperature to bring harm to the mobile lifting platform, has an important practical significance.

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