How to correctly install the freight elevator rail frame

Correct installation of freight elevator rail frame

The guideway frame is the running track of the elevator, which is composed of standard section with length of 1580mm connected by high strength bolt M24*230, the bolt preload is not less than 30kg.m. The standard section is welded by seamless steel pipe, angle steel, steel pipe, etc. It is equipped with rack, which is fastened by three hexagonal screws, and the rack can be removed and replaced.

The lower end of the four main chords of the standard section is welded with a stop, and the lower end of the rack is equipped with a spring pin, so that the standard section can be accurately positioned when it is installed.

The connection between the rail frame and the building structure shall conform to the following regulations.

1, hydraulic elevator for goods should be set to ensure the stability and verticality of the rail frame attached to the wall frame.
2, the spacing of the attached wall frame shall conform to the requirements of the instruction manual and shall not be greater than 6m. 1 group shall be set on the top floor of the building, and the free height of the top of the rail frame shall not be greater than 6m.
3, rigid connection shall be used between the wall frame and the rail frame and the building, and the connection shall be reliable and form a stable structure. Attachment wall frame rods shall not be connected to the scaffolding, the rods shall be adjustable in length (short), the specific practice shall be designed and have construction drawings.
4, temporarily can not be installed with the wall frame, can use the cable wind rope to stabilize the rail frame.

In the installation of cable wind rope set should be in line with the provisions, each group of four cable wind rope and rail frame connection point should be at the same level height, and should be set symmetrically, cable wind rope and rail frame connection should be taken to prevent the wire rope shear damage measures.

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