How to use the aluminum alloy lift

Aluminum alloy lift is small in size and light in weight. Easy to move, up and down operation infrared control, hand and electric dual-use, especially suitable for hotels, commercial buildings, airports, subways, stations, cultural and sports, scientific research units to maintain electrical equipment, cleaning and sanitation.

Aluminum alloy lift using high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy material, with beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, lifting balance, safety and reliability, widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airports, theaters, exhibition halls and other places, is the maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, exchange lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes of the best safety partner.

Two sets of masts support the synchronous lifting of the working platform, the aluminum alloy lift has excellent work stability; the overall lifting guardrail device, good strength, transport significantly reduce the height of the machine, loading and unloading is very convenient, through a lift can be completed assembly or disassembly; can be equipped with gantry span frame; with the same convenient mobile flexibility of the single mast, the support and retreat structure with the single mast platform; has a good load-bearing capacity, suitable for no more than two people at the same time to work high.

Aluminum alloy lifting platform overall lifting type guardrail device, good strength, aluminum alloy lifting platform transport significantly reduce the height of the machine, aluminum alloy lifting platform loading and unloading is very convenient, through a lift can be completed assembly or disassembly. Aluminum alloy lifting platform has a strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for two people to work at the same time; aluminum alloy lifting platform can also be customized into various non-standard products according to different environments to meet different needs.

Double mast aluminum alloy lifting platform is a new generation product, the whole aluminum alloy lifting platform is made of high-strength aluminum profile, which makes the deflection and swing of the aluminum alloy lifting platform extremely small. The aluminum alloy lifting platform adopts double mast structure, with large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation.

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