Hydraulic lift cargo elevator lifting speed

Friends who have understood the hydraulic lift know that the biggest feature of the hydraulic lift is a smooth lift, good safety, but at the same time there is a drawback, slow lifting speed, compared to the elevator a minute dozens of meters of speed, the speed of the hydraulic lift only 4-6 meters a minute.

This lifting speed is generally acceptable to customers, but for some lifting height is relatively high, the frequency of use of the lift is high, the requirement to enhance the efficiency of customers, or a little slow, the most asked a question: can the speed be enhanced?

Can the speed of hydraulic lifts be improved?

The answer is yes, and no. Why?

First, in order to meet customer requirements, we can increase the speed of the lift by increasing the motor, the fastest speed can be increased to 8-10 meters a minute.

But at the same time, as a professional lift manufacturer, we do not recommend that you raise the speed of the lift too fast. Hydraulic lifts are limited by their structure and are not suitable for too fast speed. For example, our guide rails.

What are the effects of too fast lift speed?

1. reduced safety.
2. a tendency to increase the failure rate.

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