Hydraulic lift hydraulic system

Hydraulic lift hydraulic system cleaning precautions

When the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lift, the cleaning oil must use the same hydraulic oil as the system. The oil temperature should be between 45 and 80°C. Use a high flow rate to remove as much impurities from the system as possible. The hydraulic system should be cleaned more than three times. After each cleaning, the oil is drained from the system when it becomes hot. After cleaning, clean the filter, replace the hydraulic lift with a new one and add new oil.

1. Hydraulic system of hydraulic lift to prevent air intrusion into the hydraulic system

At atmospheric pressure and room temperature, the hydraulic oil contains air at a volume ratio of 6 to 8 percent. When the pressure decreases, the air in the oil will be released and air bubbles will rupture, causing the hydraulic components to “cavitate” and generate noise. Large amounts of air entering the oil can exacerbate the “cavitation” phenomenon, increase the compressibility of the hydraulic oil, make the elevator operation unstable, reduce efficiency, and have adverse effects such as actuator “crawl”. In addition, air oxidizes the hydraulic fluid to accelerate the deterioration of the fluid. Please pay attention to the following points to prevent air intrusion.

① After repairing and replacing the hydraulic lift oil, remove the air from the system according to the supplied “instruction manual” in order to make it operate properly.
② The oil suction pipe of hydraulic lift hydraulic oil pump should not be exposed to the oil surface, and the oil suction pipe must be well sealed.
③ The seal of the oil pump drive shaft of the hydraulic lift should be good. When replacing the oil seal, you must use the “double lip” genuine oil seal. Can’t use “single lip” oil seal instead, because “single lip” oil seal can only be one-way. Seal oil, does not have the function of sealing gas.

2. Prevent water intrusion into the hydraulic system

Excessive moisture in the oil will lead to corrosion of hydraulic components, oil emulsification, reduction of lubricant film strength and accelerated mechanical wear.In addition to preventing moisture intrusion during maintenance, it is necessary to tighten the cap when the reservoir is not in use. It should be placed upside down. Oil with high water content should be filtered several times. The filter paper should be changed once for each filtration of the hydraulic lift. If there is no special instrument to detect it, the oil can be dropped onto a hot iron plate without generating steam. It can be filled immediately after burning. These are the precautions for cleaning the hydraulic system of a factory rail elevator. The important measures to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system are the safety of the system and the cleaning before operation.

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