Hydraulic lifting machine common problem solving ideas

With the full development of the Internet e-commerce, logistics and express delivery industry bearing pressure is increasing, loading and unloading lifting platform, hydraulic lifting platform to successfully solve their goods storage, loading and unloading troubles, no matter how big the major objects can be safe and intact goods transfer storage, loading and unloading, hydraulic lifts as a common tool for aerial work, with high efficiency, good safety performance, simple operation, etc., in the course of operation will occasionally encounter failures.

In order to play its role more effectively, without delaying the normal daily work, we should master some common sense maintenance

① hydraulic lift in the lift up and down trembling, shaking: check whether there are small particles in the slide groove, garbage, whether there is still lubricant in the slide groove, no please add in time otherwise, long time wear and tear lead to hydraulic lift stuck damage.
② rainy weather does not lift, please check whether the rising electric box panel is wet: please use the hair dryer to blow dry.
③ lift in the start can rise normally, lift to half can not lift: a kind of starting capacitor damage, the second is the hydraulic oil tank oil quantity is not enough.
④If the oil pipe is leaking, check whether the docking port is damaged, check whether the O-ring seal is damaged, replace the seal or replace the docking port as a whole.
⑤ hydraulic lift can not rise to the set height, this situation should check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank reaches the standard capacity, check whether the tank is leaking, if the hydraulic oil is not enough, please add 32 # hydraulic oil, which will be available in hardware stores.
⑥ hydraulic lift can only rise, can not fall: check whether the solenoid valve indicator light, press the down button on the electrical box, if the light on the solenoid valve does not light, then check whether the two lines of the solenoid valve is broken or loosened.
⑦ hydraulic lift lift from falling, lift from rising: check whether there is garbage in the solenoid valve, such as the use of gasoline to clean or blow off with an air gun can be.
⑧ can not rise, can only fall: check whether the trip is playing firm, see if there is a 5mm trip up and down interval, loosen the four trip cover plate on the small screws, the trip within the spring reset can be.
⑨ hydraulic lift power indicator does not light up: check whether there is power in the wall socket, dragging board and plug line whether the two lines are disconnected, more than 100 meters, please use the 2.5 square power cord for lifting operations.
⑩ hydraulic lift there is static electricity, resulting in not rising or not falling, because there is no grounding wire when wiring, so that the hydraulic lift with static electricity leads to the failure of the electrical box, you can touch the ground with iron products.

In summary, whether you are a professional, skilled operators or newcomers, as long as you can keep in mind these points, the daily hydraulic lift operation efficiency will not be low, and in this regard can also save a lot of maintenance costs for enterprises.

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