Hydraulic lifting platform

Hydraulic lifting platform can prevent air and water from invading the hydraulic system

Hydraulic lifting platform in the use of some mechanical and air always caused by the phenomenon of rust, and if the hydraulic lifting platform rust will lead to the entire lifting platform problems, if the repair will be trouble, so we must control the rust things happen.

Hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of lift, the use of very good, the use of the system is the hydraulic system, the development of the hydraulic lifting platform can directly determine the development of the industry’s future, the normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform requires a good hydraulic system.

Hydraulic lifting platform want to better use is to have a good hydraulic system, at atmospheric pressure at room temperature hydraulic oil contains a volume ratio of 6 to 8% of air, when the pressure is reduced air will be free from the oil, bubble rupture so that the hydraulic components “cavitation”, producing noise. A large amount of air into the oil will make the “cavitation” phenomenon intensified, the hydraulic oil compressibility increased, the work is not stable, reduce efficiency, the implementation of the work of components “crawl” and other adverse consequences. Hydraulic lifting platform can effectively ensure the safety of staff.

In the development of hydraulic lifting platform, air will make the hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerate the deterioration of the oil. Hydraulic lifting platform to prevent air intrusion means: after maintenance and oil change to exclude the air in the system according to random regulations, in order to normal operation. Hydraulic oil pump suction pipe mouth must not be exposed to the oil surface, suction pipeline must be well sealed. The oil contains excessive moisture, will make the hydraulic components rust in addition to repair and maintenance to prevent moisture intrusion, but also pay attention to the storage barrel when not in use, to tighten the lid, it is best placed upside down; water content of the oil to be filtered several times, each filter to replace the drying filter paper, in the absence of special instruments to detect, you can drop the oil to the hot iron plate, no vapor bubbles and immediately burn before refilling.

The development of hydraulic lifting platform is very good for us. Can play a big role in our development. But the reasonable use of hydraulic lifting platform is now our main concern, and when put into use we also need to timely maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic lifting platform. This will allow us to use the hydraulic lifting platform can continue to operate solidly.

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