Hydraulic lifting platform

Hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines, such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling, etc. It can meet the lifting needs of different working heights, and can be equipped with various types of table forms, such as ball, roller, turntable, steering, tilting, telescoping, with various control methods, with smooth and accurate lifting, frequent starting, large load capacity, etc. It can effectively solve the difficulties of various lifting operations in industrial enterprises and make the production work easy and comfortable.

The hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into three common types: lifting platform, cylinder lifting platform and folding arm lifting platform, depending on its structure.

1. Lifting platform

The lifting platform is a four-wheeled mobile and two-wheeled traction in one, using a car, tricycle or battery truck chassis to do the platform chassis, using the car engine or DC power, both driving and driving platform lifting, widely used in urban construction, oilfield, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries of aerial work.

2, the set of cylinder lifting platform

Set of cylinder lifting platform is a multi-purpose single-action telescopic set of simple oil cylinder vertical lifting machinery. It can be widely used in stations, docks, hotel halls, workshops and other high-altitude operations. The whole machine is designed with compact structure, small shaking, light weight, easy to move, etc. It is the safest and the most economical and practical machine for aerial work.

3, folding arm lifting platform

The folding arm lifting platform is modified on the car according to the user’s needs, using the car engine to drive the platform up and down. Can be modified models are: liberation, dongfeng, electric power engineering vehicles, etc. This product is multi-use, both cargo, and aerial work widely used in municipal construction, power installation and airport and other industries. When we use the lift, the tires support the weight of the whole equipment, plus the weight of the goods carried, in order to reduce the impact of these weights on the tires, each platform is installed above the legs. The outriggers not only reduce the bearing capacity of the tires, but also make the equipment more stable in use!

Under a certain load and tire pressure, the speed increases, the deformation frequency of the tire, the vibration of the tire body and tire circumferential and lateral distortion deformation (formation of stationary waves) increases, the heat generated by friction increases per unit of time, the working performance of the tire decreases, and even the phenomenon of rupture and tread flaking, accelerating the wear and tear of the tire.

Walking road conditions also have a great impact on the life of the tire, which affects the friction between the tire and the ground and the dynamic load on the tire. So we must choose good road conditions and maintain a normal load when using. The elevator relies on hydraulic oil to rise and fall, hydraulic oil is injected into the cylinder through the hydraulic oil pipe, and the equipment rises. When descending, the hydraulic oil returns to the tank through the hydraulic oil pipe, and the equipment descends. So the good or bad hydraulic oil pipe is also related to the operation of the equipment. Hydraulic oil pipe belongs to the wear and tear products, long time use, the influence of the season will cause aging or burst phenomenon. Because the location of the hydraulic pipe is relatively hidden, so it is difficult to find out whether it has problems.

We can judge according to its operation, in general, a good hydraulic pipe is not the case of oil leakage or oil seepage. If you find that there are oil stains outside the oil pipe to replace the oil pipe. Replacement is not timely, will lead to a large number of equipment leakage, the less hydraulic oil, will affect the lifting height of the equipment. Found that the hydraulic oil pipe rupture, oil leakage must be replaced in a timely manner, you can let the equipment back to the lowest position, and then the oil pipe disassembly, according to the old oil pipe size small purchase a new, and then reinstalled. Oil pipe installation must be well sealed, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Hydraulic lifting platform is not only the hydraulic oil pipe rupture to pay attention to, as long as the problem of abnormal conditions, should be found and dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise small failures are easy to accumulate into a big problem.

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