Hydraulic lifting platform maintenance points

Now in many industries, for the handling and stacking of goods are inseparable from the manual handling tools and fixed auxiliary tools for loading and unloading goods, in the mobile goods handling, there are internal combustion forklifts, manual handling trucks, etc., while in the fixed goods loading and unloading are lifting platforms, boarding bridges and other equipment.

In the process of use, these devices have played a very significant role, to the whole industry and even the entire economic development have brought a very big help, but these devices also need regular maintenance and maintenance, otherwise the lift efficiency and utilization rate will decline.

Hydraulic lifting platform as an example, about how to pay attention to the repair and maintenance of these devices.

1. Normal and regular maintenance is based on prevention, before the breakage or failure to give correction or repair, careful inspection and maintenance can save costs, to avoid greater problems, resulting in high cost refurbishment.

2. Hydraulic lifting platform is driven by electrical energy, hydraulic system lifting, operation to avoid irregular operations, to ensure that the lifting platform works normally and orderly, to achieve the ideal level of unloading Guangdong lifting platform.

3. Weekly inspection, weekly for the lifting platform in all parts of the connection is tightened, whether the seal is broken or failure, whether the lack of hydraulic oil, oil cylinder leakage is the focus of inspection issues, must be cleaned once a week, the lifting frame, forks, lines, cylinders to clean up, so as to avoid dust and debris affect the normal work.

4. For the replacement of hydraulic oil, it is best to replace once in March, if the frequency of use is not high, can be replaced once a year, the hydraulic oil must be clean, change the hydraulic oil must be turned on automatically lift the Guangdong lifting stage down 2 to 3 times, so that the air in the cylinder clean, to maintain sufficient space to ensure that the lifting platform can be lifted to the rated lifting height.

5. Carrying the lifting platform table needs to carry a balanced load of goods, do not allow one side of the phenomenon of biased load, goods lifting does not allow the platform to stand on both sides, lifting goods should try to maintain a smooth and even speed up.

6. When the lifting platform has a relatively large failure, should be repaired by professionals as soon as possible, after the failure is not used to avoid accidents, resulting in loss of personnel and property.

Of course, in the maintenance and maintenance of the lifting platform there are many places that need attention, use more attention to ensure the safety of personnel and property, regular maintenance and maintenance, to extend its service life.

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