Hydraulic lifts do not rise what causes

Most of the lift using hydraulic power source for lifting operation, with the aging of the mechanical structure, the accumulation of long time use will inevitably appear some small failure, such as the lift does not rise, so what is the reason?

There are many reasons why a hydraulic lift does not rise, generally common are:

1, the load is too heavy, more than the rated load, reduce the load can be.
2, the oil return valve is not closed, resulting in the hydraulic system can not work properly, need to tighten the oil return valve.
3, the filter is clogged, replace or clean the filter can be.
4, hydraulic oil is not enough, add enough hydraulic oil to the lift can be.
5, the gear pump is damaged, playing the oil without pressure, it can not lift, should replace the lift gear pump.
6, support valve or electromagnetic reversing valve action failure, then need to replace the new support valve or electromagnetic reversing valve.
7, manual pump, gear pump oil leakage, serious oil leakage will lead to a lack of power, the need to replace the lift oil pump seal in a timely manner.
8, circuit break, the hydraulic system is controlled by the circuit, if the circuit short-circuit or break, will also cause the inability to lift, you need to check the lift button contactor and fuse and other parts.
9, manual pump check valve jammed, return failure, this failure is more troublesome, the solution is: unscrew the oil pump valve port bolts, overhaul, cleaning, replace the clean hydraulic oil.

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