Hydraulic Scissor Lift Specifications

A variety of specialist materials and fabrication techniques are employed in the production of scissor lift table hydraulic mechanisms and hydraulic scissor lift table units. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping
  • Hard chrome plated lift rams and pump pistons
  • High-pressure gear pumps with check valves
  • Self-lubricating bushings in all pivot points to prolong the lifespan of the unit
  • Pressure compensated flow control valves
  • Relief valves
  • Return filters
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings for reduced maintenance
  • Emergency stop button to stop the tabletop at any moment during lifting
  • Limit Switches to halt the platform when it reaches its designated height automatically
  • Overload relays to prevent the motor from burning

A hydraulic scissor lift can provide versatile placement and heavy-duty lifting options in a variety of applications and working environments.

If you wish to buy hydraulic scissor lift equipment that is designed to meet your own specific use case or working conditions, there are specialist organizations that can design and deliver a custom-tailored solution for your hydraulic scissor table lift requirements.

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The multi-stage, large-capacity scissor lift is an industry favorite for multiple application solutions from the Steel industry to the Entertainment industry. Because Handling Specialty can offer custom engineering, we can create a scissor lift that will meet your facilities exact needs and assist in achieving operational efficiencies.
Handling Specialty manufactures custom engineered material handling products for customers around the world. We are the premier source for made-to-order lifting, tilting, rotating, and traversing equipment for clients like you seeking innovative solutions, exceptional professional support, world-class credentials, and unmatched experience.
Our design capabilities and engineering expertise allow us to tackle your one-of-a-kind applications that may have unique or extreme requirements involving usage, operating environment, and/or weight capacity.
The hydraulic scissor lift is often more complex than it seems. The engineering and manufacturing talents involved in designing a custom scissor lift for a specific application take experience and knowledge. Hontylift is your best choice for an application-specific hydraulic scissor lift. We have designed, built, and installed custom and standard scissor lifts worldwide for customers across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, entertainment, rail and transportation, and advanced manufacturing.
If you’d like to know more or discuss your project needs, get in touch with us.

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