Installation steps and precautions of Guide rail type lift freight elevator

Guide rail type lift freight elevator is used to transport goods between the building height, special hydraulic lift freight elevator products, mainly with a variety of work between the goods up and down delivery, three-dimensional garage and underground garage height between the car lift. Lifting freight elevator is a kind of lifting machinery and equipment, lifting freight elevator lifting system, driven by hydraulic pump station, so it is also called hydraulic lifting freight elevator. Because the lifting system and the machine itself is very simple in structure and very easy to maintain, so it is very popular.

Rail lift freight elevator in the manufacturing and installation process is strictly inspected, because, if the unqualified rail lift into the market will not only have hidden problems, but also affect the efficiency.

The installation steps of the elevated freight elevator are as follows.

(1) First of all, the installation needs to dig a pit or groove, the pit is the storage place of the rail type lift freight elevator, the size and height of the pit is determined by the length, width and height of the lift freight elevator, the bottom of the pit should be leveled with construction cement when pouring, and the pre-buried parts are buried in the four corners for fixing the lift platform, the four corners of the pit should reach 90 degree angle, and all sides are vertical to each other.

(2) Fixed welding, installers weld the bottom four corners of the rail lift ladder and the pre-buried parts together, so that the lift ladder is placed firmly to protect the lift ladder from sliding when working.

(3)Measure the level, after the lift and freight elevator is fixed, the level of the lifting platform table and the ground should be tested to ensure that it is on a line, or the lifting platform is slightly lower than the ground, so that the goods can be transported to the lifting platform easily.

(4) welding track, lift the freight elevator to ensure that its translation in the process of rising does not offset the need for additional track, very lifting platform in the track up and down.

(5) installation of power supply, the latter step of the installation is to connect the electricity, connect the wires on the distribution box with the power line to ensure the normal operation of the line. After the installation of the lift freight elevator needs to be repeatedly test run, lift freight elevator normal work after the installation work is over.

Usually, if the elevator is installed outdoors, it is necessary to have one side against the wall with welded support points, so that in case the ground can not be excavated in the later stages of the pit can be made without the pit pedal up and down the goods. Both ends should be welded firmly, and there are fixed points of diagonal support, each welded part should be installed firmly, the circuit should be grounded, pay attention to the connection of the control box. And do a good job of outdoor rain and rust-proof operation.

If it is installed in the indoor lift freight elevator is to survey the indoor device hole scale, near the wall orientation, and the direction of the incoming and outgoing goods. Equipment installation reasonable solid can make the lift freight elevator more good, and the failure rate will be greatly reduced.

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