Introduction and wide application of boarding bridges


The following introduces the boarding bridges and their characteristics of the applicable locations.


It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between low-rise buildings. Deng Axle has strong structure, large load capacity, smooth lifting and lowering, simple installation and maintenance, which can be different according to different customer site environment. Customize different configuration options to achieve better results, mainly used in workshops, warehouses and a variety of shelves goods up and down: stereo garage and underground garage floor, high-level car lifting, etc. Changing elevators between lower floors is an economical and practical ideal equipment for conveying goods.



The hydraulic system of the boarding bridge is equipped with anti-fall and overload safety protection alarm devices, and can be set up with operating buttons on each level of arrival and on the boarding bridge workbench. Mobile boarding bridge only needs single person operation and no power supply to achieve safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. Mobile boarding bridge is widely used for loading and unloading equipment without the platform and mobile loading and unloading places, is used with forklift cargo loading and unloading auxiliary equipment boarding bridge in modern logistics site has been a very common form of structure. It is the starting point and the end of the logistics chain of the enterprise, is a fast and safe turnover of products and goods loading and unloading operation platform. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but the height of the compartments of the transport carriages to and from the site varies, and a certain height difference or gap is always formed between the transport vehicles and the loading and unloading platform. This causes the forklift to be unable to enter and exit the transport vehicle to load and unload goods directly. The use of docking bridges provides a reliable connection. It enables the forklift to enter and exit the transport vehicle safely and quickly for loading and unloading operations. Realize the multi-point control of the boarding bridge. The boarding bridge has the advantages of strong structure, large load capacity, smooth lifting, easy installation and maintenance, etc. It is an economical and practical ideal cargo conveying equipment to replace elevators between lower floors. Or other industries of large cargo handling operations. And can not move only fixed operation, thus making the loading and unloading operation easy.


Applicable places:

mainly used for goods transportation between production lines or floors; online and offline of materials; workpiece assembly, adjusting the height of the workpiece; high feed feeder feeder; storage loading and unloading places and forklifts and other loading and unloading tools to support the rapid loading and unloading of goods, etc. According to the installation environment and use requirements of electric dock bridge, different optional configurations can be selected to achieve better results. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods up and down at high altitude in warehouses, parking lots, docks, construction, logistics, etc.

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