Lift freight elevator should how to operate need to pay attention to what


How to operate the elevator freight elevator need to pay attention to what.


  1. Turn on the power, the power indicator light, the equipment is energized.


  1. Open the safety door, place the material that needs to be lifted in the middle of the elevator (the height of the material should not exceed 1.8 meters, the width should not exceed 80% of the width of the platform, the length should not exceed 90% of the length of the platform, and the load should not exceed 20% of the rated load.


  1. After the material is placed neatly, close the safety door.


  1. Press the up or down button on the control panel.


  1. The lift starts to work.


  1. Lifting freight elevator is forbidden to carry people to lift, and it is forbidden to stand underneath when lifting freight elevator is working.


  1. The lift should be operated by designated personnel after training, others are prohibited to operate.

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