Lift troubleshooting and attention

Lifting machine to extend the service life of the correct use of methods and good maintenance initiatives is essential, many customers in the daily use and maintenance will also have many insights.

Troubleshooting methods and precautions.

① from the structure of the hydraulic system of the lift itself, due to the complex structure and numerous pipelines, including several tens of meters long hose, the manufacturer of the machine operation when the hydraulic lifting mechanism movement, high pressure hose repeatedly around the curve movement, easy to produce fatigue fracture.
② When repairing and cleaning the lift, be sure to prop up the safety brace.
③Lift load changes in the hydraulic system will produce hydraulic pulsation, pulsation pressure reaches a certain value, the high pressure hose will produce breakage.
④If you find that the working pressure of the electric lift is too high or the sound is abnormal, you should immediately shut down the machine for inspection to avoid serious damage to the machinery.
⑤ Must be placed on a solid and flat ground to prevent tipping over when working. Press the “up” or “down” button to lift the table. If the electric lift table does not move, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
⑥Check the working condition of the shaft pin of the electric lift regularly every month, if you find that the shaft pin or screw is loose, make sure to lock it to prevent the shaft pin from falling off and causing accidents.


Electric lifting platform can be welcomed by the market, not only thanks to its strong performance, but also because of the ease of use, learn how to troubleshoot, you can use less detours, improve efficiency and ensure the smooth operation of the work at height.

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