Lifting freight elevator electric hydraulic lifting platform composition and working principle


The working principle of the motor pump station of the freight elevator platform is:




Hydraulic elevator is a kind of high-tech system with the integration of machine, electricity and liquid. It can be divided into a number of relatively independent, but coordinated with each other subsystems.


(A) Pump station system


The pump station system consists of hydraulic pump, electric motor, oil tank and auxiliary components, etc. Its function is to provide a stable power source for the hydraulic cylinder and store the oil.


(B) Hydraulic control system


The hydraulic control system is composed of check valve, integrated valve block, hydraulic system control circuit, etc. Its function is to control the running speed of the elevator, receive input signals and manipulate the start, operation and stop of the elevator.


(C) Hydraulic cylinder and supporting system


The function of hydraulic cylinder and supporting system is to directly drive the movement of the car.


(1)Hydraulic cylinder: convert the pressure energy output from hydraulic system into mechanical energy, and drive the movement of the car through the mechanical movement of the plunger.


(2)Supporting system: According to the different supporting methods, the supporting mechanical parts are very different.


(D)Guidance system


The guiding system is composed of guiding shoe, guideway and guideway bracket, whose function is to limit the movable freedom of the car, so that the car can only make lifting movement along the guideway.


(E) Car


The car is composed of car frame and car body, and its function is to transport the cargo directly.


(F) Door system


The door system is composed of car door, layer door, door opener, door locking device, etc. Its function is to open or close the entrance of layer station and car entrance according to the instruction of electric control system.


(G) Electrical control system


The electric control system is composed of control cabinet, position display device, manipulation device, etc. Its function is to control the operation of the elevator, coordinate the work of various parts and display the operation of the elevator.


(H) Safety protection system


The safety protection system consists of safety clamp, speed limiter, buffer, end station protection device, etc. Its function is to ensure that the elevator works safely and normally and prevent accidents from occurring.

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