Lifting freight elevator

Lifting freight elevator break-in period of attention

Lifting freight elevator is a kind of specialized equipment that facilitates goods running vertical space for lifting and lowering, users need to go through a period of break-in period after purchase.

1, the first use of lift freight elevator, because the mechanical in the process of manufacturing design lubricating oil has not completely played the effect of lubrication, this process is the lift freight elevator itself consumption is larger. Because the lift freight elevator parts in the process of assembly, are subject to the influence of various factors, such as the friction surface factors, uneven force. Lift freight elevator in the first few times of operation, due to the parts of the unsmooth will wear off part of the metal debris, grinding down the metal debris will continue to join the mechanical wear. Therefore, the debris should be cleaned up in time after the operation of the equipment.

2, the new lift ladder due to the small gap between the parts, and due to the factors of the initial assembly, to a large extent can not ensure the uniformity of the gap. If the degree of lubrication is better in this case can further reduce the wear and tear. If the lubrication situation is not good, it will be easy to appear between the components surface small area damage, resulting in mechanical accidents.

3, the newly assembled lift ladder is more likely to have loose parts. In the first few times of the use of lift truck, it will be easy to be affected by vibration, environment, temperature and other factors, so that the own connection is not very close between the components to produce a larger gap. Therefore, the degree of connection between the departments of the lift and freight elevator should be checked every once in a while to ensure that the bolts are tightened.

4, the operation engineer and lift cargo elevator between the friction also has to go through a certain stage, therefore, the engineer in the use of equipment before carefully and carefully comprehend the instructions of the notes.

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