Lifting machine safety operating procedures


1. Open the legs, adjust the height of the legs, so that the lift platform to maintain the level; (lifting platform without support, is strictly prohibited to lift. Before use, you must use the support legs to firmly support the lift, and make it balanced before lifting. (When working on the ground with slope, in addition to supporting the legs, also fill in wooden blocks and other objects under the wheels to prevent the wheels from rolling accidentally.)

2. Check whether the power cord is connected, connect the wall power to the column in the buckle to pull tight. Prevent people walking next to the trip line to pull off the power cord.

3. Move the limit switch to the designated position on the sign frame, and fixed.

4. empty test, if you find the motor has a running sound but does not rise, pay attention to observe whether the tight stop lever release, or power reverse, and timely troubleshooting.

5. Work according to the specified load, strictly prohibit the use of overload (maximum weight of 500kg), the maximum lifting height of 8 meters.

6. During the rise or fall of the lifting platform, the personnel on the machine are not allowed to shake the body and railing, and shout out various orders clearly and loudly. The operator’s attention should be highly concentrated and make all kinds of correct operations at any time according to the orders of the personnel on board.

7. When the lift platform reaches the appropriate position of the maintenance equipment, the operator should push the tight stop lever to the front, and then pull it open when the lift position needs to be changed. After the personnel on the machine reach the suitable position of the maintenance equipment, first find a safe and firm position to put on the safety belt.

8. During the maintenance period, the operator shall not walk away or chat with others for no reason, and shall always pay attention to observe the various actions of the personnel on the machine, and remind the surrounding work and walking personnel to pay attention to the safety above to prevent falling objects from hurting people.

9. During the maintenance period, we should pay attention to not casually drop debris to the bottom, when you need to drop debris, pay attention to and operators with the observation of whether there are people walking around.

10. After use, the use of personnel to clean up the surrounding health, and drag the lift to the original position. If you do not use it for a long time, you can support the legs slightly to avoid damage to the tires for a long time.

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