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Lifting platform how to choose the site to be more convenient to use to improve efficiency

Lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and handling machinery and equipment, from the initial lifting platform is simply a scissor lift platform, after so many years of industry development, including technological innovation, etc., lifting platform has also developed into aerial work platform suitable for different sites different use environment; then, lifting platform how to choose the most suitable site to use it?

To consider from the following aspects:

1, especially under the use of special environment lifting platform, such as oil fields, gas stations, chemical plants and so on, this time to choose explosion-proof lifting platform, this type of lifting platform using explosion-proof electric control box and including the external protection of the line is strictly many times the experiment to ensure that nothing is wrong. To come up with a new path of development, has become the primary solution to the development of the aluminum alloy lift industry today. Micro-profit era, the past through their own advantages into the capital to seek growth mode no longer exists, technological innovation has become a new growth point for the development of the crane industry.

2, taking into account the use of the site, such as the softness of the foundation, the weather and so on, for example, the field use of lifting platform, must be equipped with windproof rope, because the field is often windy, if the wind is larger, this time the use of lifting platform may cause strong shaking, it is easy to appear dangerous, so you must use windproof rope to protect the lifting platform operators; so, lifting platform how to Choose the most suitable for the use of the scene is to have to carefully test the results of the data.

3. Once again reminded in the purchase of lifting platform, first of all, according to their own scope of use, work frequency, utilization rate, rated lifting weight and other factors for comprehensive consideration, choose suitable for the use of the required working level of lift.

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