Lifting platform

Maintenance and repair of the lifting platform

1. When repairing and maintaining, the lifting platform should fall to the bottom pit, and power outage. When the platform needs to be raised for maintenance and repair, the power should be stopped and measures should be taken to fix the firm lifting platform table to prevent the table from falling accidentally. Need to work at height, should be fastened safety belt, and take the necessary safety measures.
2. once a week regularly check whether the hydraulic pipe joints, fasteners, etc. are loose, and should be tightened when found loose.
3. long-term out of use (more than one month), before the trial should be checked and no-load test.
4. once every six months to clean the oil pump suction filter and solenoid valve filter particles network.
5. When replacing or repairing the hydraulic components, the lift should be cleaned around, the components should be cleaned, blown clean and the oil inlet and outlet should be temporarily blocked, the components should not be damaged by knocking during disassembly and installation, and it is strictly forbidden to mix dust, solids and water into the hydraulic oil circuit system.
6. Once a month, refill the chain and steel wire rope with lubricating oil and grease, and adjust the specific time according to the site environment.
7. Check whether the oil cylinder, pump station, hydraulic pipeline and joints are leaking before each shift, and contact the maintenance personnel for repair in time if there is any problem.
8. replace the AC contactor once a year, when using frequently, the replacement time should be shortened.
9. In the process of use, when there are broken wire rope or broken chain, tilted guide or platform, abnormal sound of motor or other abnormal phenomena, the operation should be stopped and maintenance personnel should be contacted in time for maintenance.

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