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Lifting platform summer eight lubrication strategy

In summer, the maximum outdoor temperature can be more than 30 ℃, although the temperature is high, but is indeed the peak of the use of lifting platform, the use of high frequency, that the wear and tear between the components will naturally increase, do a good job of lifting platform parts between the lubrication work can not only protect the good operation of the equipment, more good to extend the service life of the components.

1, lifting platform in the replacement of lubricating oil, model should choose the same with the prototype number, different models of lubricating oil mixed use, will seriously affect the performance of lubricating oil use. The oil change process, worm gear cleaning should choose the same grade of lubricant when running after heating.

2, the amount of lubricant added to the standard: to reducer body vernier plug filled with outward spillage of lubricant.

3、Lifting platform adopts different lubricants in different seasons, N32 lubricant should be selected in hot and high temperature environment, while N46 lubricant is used when the working temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius.

4、When the lifting platform is used for the first time, the new lubricant should be replaced in time after running for 100 hours. The quality of lubricant should be checked regularly during the operation of the equipment in the future, if the lubricant is deteriorated or mixed with impurities it must be replaced immediately, otherwise, it will cause serious wear and tear of the equipment.

5, under normal circumstances, for long-term continuous work of the lifting platform need every 6-8 months to replace the lubricant, for the daily working time is not more than 8 hours can be replaced every 10 months.

6、The lifting platform should need to be carefully cleaned once a year on a regular basis, and if the parts are not obviously damaged, do not disassemble and overhaul.

7, in the lifting platform for lubrication, at the same time can check together with the parts connected to whether loose, such as loose to immediately tighten, to prevent leaving safety hazards.

8, in the lifting platform lifting operation process, if the temperature of the lubricant exceeds 100 ℃ or produce abnormal noise, this time to immediately stop using, and check the reasons, only after the troubleshooting can continue to use.

Lifting platform parts of good lubrication can not only well slow down the wear and tear between the parts, prolong the service life of the equipment, and can improve the efficiency of the whole equipment.

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