Lifting platform

The advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic transmission of the lifting platform

The requirements of the hydraulic transmission of the lifting platform:

1, hydraulic transmission with liquid as the working medium, in the relative movement of hydraulic components can not avoid leakage, coupled with the compressibility of the liquid, it is difficult to achieve a strict transmission ratio.

2, liquid viscosity and temperature have a close relationship, when the viscosity changes with the temperature, will directly affect the leakage, pressure loss and the flow through the components. So the hydraulic system should not work at very high and very low temperature.

3, the energy in the hydraulic system to go through two conversions, so the transmission efficiency is low. Work reliability is currently not as good as the electric and mechanical transmission.

4, the manufacturing precision of hydraulic components requires high. Use, maintenance requires a certain degree of professional knowledge and high technical level. The cause of failure is more difficult to determine.

In general, the hydraulic drive has many advantages, but its disadvantages can not be ignored. In order to improve its competitiveness, hydraulic transmission technology has been constantly developing, with the support of modern technology and the scientific and technological achievements of related disciplines, hydraulic technology continues to develop, so that its shortcomings are gradually overcome, the performance continues to improve, the application areas continue to expand. Hydraulic transmission technology will be more widely used.

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