Lifts safe use of the method

Lift is a hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pump station into the hydraulic system to provide power to the hydraulic lift, the use is very wide, throughout all walks of life. The following Huainan Junye small to introduce the requirements for the use of lifts.

First, the requirements before starting

1, check, power line relay control box in and out of the line is intact.
2, check whether the lift platform travel switch is inoperative, push the travel switch by hand to confirm the action of the switch.
3, check whether the hydraulic oil pipe of the lift has oil leakage.
4, check the folding bracket, each cross nut and work platform safety guardrail a connection point nut is tightened

Second, start and run when the requirements

1、Place the lift platform after the appearance and performance checks are qualified, make sure there are no blocking foreign objects over the lift platform.
2、Prop up the legs, adjust the leg bolts, type lift platform to maintain the level, and then lock the leg positioning bolts.
3、Turn on the power and ensure that the power cord is placed safely under the circumstances to turn on the power, and wait for the light to light up after three normal test runs, you can work.

Third, the use of precautions

1, the use of at least two people to operate the equipment, to ensure that one person work, one safety supervision.
2, according to the lift load work, strictly prohibited overload, off-load use.
3, the lifting platform must be propped open legs when working.
4, in the course of work and in the rising position, do not move the lift platform.
5, in the process of lifting the platform, the staff on the platform must squat down to keep the body below the safety guardrail, to be lifted and signaled to the safety guardian to stop before working.
6、It is strictly forbidden to do intense artificial shaking on the working platform, multiple people working is strictly forbidden to play and fight.
7, in the process of lifting the platform, the safety guardian must ensure that no other people pass within the operating range, and do a good job around the platform isolation measures to avoid injuries from falling objects.
8, in the process of lifting the platform, it is strictly prohibited to use the body and other objects to contact the folding boom, so as not to pinch.
9、It is strictly forbidden to carry out illegal electrical work on the working platform.
10、Safety guardian if you find the lifting platform work pressure is too high or sound strange sound, should immediately stop lifting operations and ensure that the mobile lift personnel on the work platform safely down to the ground.

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