Lift is a common aerial work equipment, we are in the purchase, first of all, we should have a general understanding of the performance of the lift

First, the main safety devices.

Fixed lift products lifting system is generally equipped with fall protection, overload, power failure and other safety and security devices, slide-in external power unit, table top import using hanging chains or crossbars, guardrails and lift warning (warning notices) lights or warning bells, the door opens when using the lift table circuit off the safety. The lift is a multifunctional lifting machinery and equipment, can be divided into fixed and mobile, rail, curved arm, scissor, chain, loading and unloading platform, etc. Lifts are usually used for rescue and renovation.

Second, the trip switch control type switch and many other functions greatly facilitate the operator a work layer multi-point control, point and safety mode operation.

Lift is a multifunctional lifting machinery and equipment, can be divided into fixed and mobile, rail type, curved arm type, scissor type, chain type, loading and unloading platform, etc.. Lifts are usually used for rescue and decoration.

Third, the advantages of the lift.

Product structure is sturdy, large load capacity, smooth lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance is an economical and practical low-floor interval instead of elevator ideal goods conveying equipment, according to the installation of the lifting platform bad situation and use requirements, can choose different fixed lift of the choice of different optional configuration to complete the task of lifting goods, to achieve better results of use. The development of mobile lifts is at a peak state, as most manufacturers or individuals in order to improve the utilization of the site, more multi-storey buildings are chosen, thus also need a device to facilitate up and down to lift down goods.


lift diversification such as the use of the demand for larger size, fixed double-span hydraulic lift, double-span lift smooth load capacity, simple operation, widely used in automotive repair, chemical plant equipment supporting the use of other industries.

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