Loading Ramp

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loading dock ramp for sale


We provide three types of loading ramps: mobile loading ramps, sectional loading ramps, and fixed loading ramps.

> protable mobile loading dock ramp is suitable for cargo loading with (box)trucks or vans.

> The segmented structure is smaller in size, easy to transport and store.

> Our stationary loading ramps are fitted with 2 adjustable metal feet for positioning on the dock edge. Side rails prevent slipping off the ramp sideways.

mobile loading ramp1

Load capacity: 6T/8T/10T/12T/15T

Sectional loading ramp

Load capacity: 6T/8T/10T

Load capacity: 6000KG/8000KG/10000KG

Application for loading ramp

> protable mobile loading ramp is suitable for loading and unloading in docks, workshops and warehouses, and is used in conjunction with trucks.

> protable sectional loading ramp is suitable for warehouse docks, factories, containers, trucks.

> stationary loading ramp is positioned at the edge of the pier, equipped with 2 adjustable metal feet, and the side rails prevent the ramp from sliding down the side.

Protable Loading Ramp Solutions Brochure.pdf