Maintenance of the boarding bridge


First, the monthly maintenance of the boarding bridge


1、Once the hydraulic oil becomes dark, sticky or grit and other foreign matter, it should be replaced in time.

2, check the roller, center shaft and bearing, cylinder pin and bearing, boom hinge shaft and bearing, etc. There is no wear, such as wear should be immediately repaired or replaced.

3, each part should be filled with some lubricants, so as to extend the service life of the bearings.


Second, the annual maintenance of the boarding bridge


1、Discharge the hydraulic oil and replace it with new oil to prevent the continuous use of old oil. Otherwise, the moving parts of the system will accelerate wear.

2、Check all the hydraulic pipes and joints, the pipes must not be broken, the joints must not be loose, and all the joints must be tightened.

3、Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, use compressed air to blow the plunger clean, and then install it to reinstall.


Boarding bridge off product parameters and application methods




The boarding bridge is usually about 10.5 meters long, with a load of 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons and higher tonnage load. Very suitable for the use of the ground in the open air field placement.




The boarding bridge itself must have the slope in order to make the forklift into the carriage for goods loading and unloading slope length also varies, there are slope on 7000mm, 7500mm, 8000mm, etc., the primary consideration is safety and stability of use.




The type of boarding bridge must also have a certain width, how the width is too small is not conducive to forklift travel to load and unload goods, the width is too large to occupy a certain space, it is not necessary. So a reasonable width is very necessary, usually the width of the boarding bridge is 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm, and the boarding bridge width is the width of this division and the total width, the inner width we have said is the width of the channel, the total width is the width of the guardrail at both ends plus the width of the channel. In the use of the total width can be ignored, we are still concerned about the width of the channel is so the width of the channel.




Increase the height of the boarding bridge as the most important one, the height can be based on the different vehicles of goods, high and low adjustment so that it can be equal to the carriage table for batch loading and unloading goods. Because different manufacturers produce the boarding bridge, design and production of the highest table height and the ground interval is also different, there are 1000mm, 1200mm from the ground. after the hydraulic increase in stroke height of 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, the boarding bridge itself height plus the highest height of stroke height of 1800mm simply all freight vehicles can meet (usually vehicles 1600 height).

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