Mini Forklift

Single person

cargo transportation solution

mini forklift

Electric Mini Forklift for sale

This kind of cargo transportation solution saves time and effort, and can be completed by one person when the workload is not large.

Honty Mini Small Forklift is designed to lift standard pallet with 300-700kg load capacity and 1550mm lifting height. It is driven by a lithium battery with a long service lift. Smart Electric Pallet Forklift is an ideal facility to load/unload goods in stacking warehouses, super-market, workshops, production lines or handle go ods on/off trucks, containers, etc.

Connection bar

Control switch

Control switch

Cylinder connection

Cylinder connection

Lithium battery

Pump station & Hydraulic cylinder

Support wheel

Mini forklift are powered by electric energy and are lull, so they will not feel uncomfortable when working.You can even listen to music while working at home.

Parameter Table

model load capacity(kg) high(mm) wide(mm) long(mm) lift height(mm)
HTPF-300 300 1220 750 1840 1550
HTPF-500 500 1220 750 1840 1550
HTPF-700 700 1220 750 1840 1550

Optional parts

Large capacity battery: Customized according to requirements.

Color: We have yellow,red,blue.

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