Mobile docking bridge


Mobile dock, mainly used for loading and unloading equipment without the platform and mobile loading and unloading places, can be used with forklift, is a special auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading. Mobile boarding bridge can reach the height of the platform itself is 1.1 meters, the height of 1.8 meters, can also be adjusted according to the height of the truck, is one of the indispensable lifting hydraulic equipment for loading and unloading goods.


The electric control operation of the mobile boarding bridge only needs to press the button, the adjustment plate will automatically rise, the operation is extremely simple; release the button, the adjustment plate by self-weight down, the loose-leaf hitching board on the truck can be used. Through the power system, the big cylinder raises the whole inclined plate, and when it reaches the top position, the small cylinder starts to work and smoothly extends the hitching plate. The unique “streamlined” open flap joint design increases the welding area more than 3 times than other traditional tube joints, which greatly extends the service life and facilitates maintenance. There are 3 movable plates on both sides of the adjustment plate, which can effectively avoid the risk of crushing toes when the adjustment plate is lowered to ensure safety. Fixed boarding bridge adjustment plate base in front of the open design, easy to clean up debris. The unique design of “I” steel skeleton can evenly support the pressure, and reduce the torque of the skeleton, more durable than other channel steel structure.


Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge must be placed on a flat and hard ground for work, so as not to tilt; if you want to move this equipment to other places of operation, to the grounding connection plate first put away, adjust the support frame and can adjust the support legs to retract, only the wheels touch the ground ground can be used forklift or other traction tools, pull the grounding connection plate end, you can move at will; use Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge before, to first use the rocking handle will support frame placed to ensure that the boarding bridge table and carriage to maintain the same level, to ensure that each adjustment support leg can be balanced force, and then, tighten the nuts of each support leg; will hook hanging container truck carriage can hang the force of the place, to ensure that the chain force, so as to avoid the boarding bridge cargo carriage in the process of operation shift; will be the tail grounding link plate Put down, to ensure that the connection plate and the ground no height difference, to achieve no step type direct boarding operations, this time, the boarding bridge is ready, can be used.


The good or bad working environment is also a factor that affects the performance of the boarding bridge products, the use of the boarding bridge in a relatively harsh environment, which also puts the quality of the boarding bridge to a more serious test, and then the manufacturing materials should also be taken into account, shall strictly check the quality of the boarding bridge; for non-standard customer demand custom boarding bridge, its size is also a more important issue for our users to consider, is suitable for large Platform or the need for small size, are tailored according to the actual needs, does not allow the slightest error; conventional boarding bridge, under normal circumstances, (mobile, fixed) the same height of the boarding bridge, of course, in addition to special needs, in order to ensure the safety of the general and standard to maintain the same height.

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