Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge


Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is suitable for loading and unloading frequently, enterprises, warehouses, stations, terminals, warehousing and logistics bases, postal transportation, logistics distribution and other units of cargo handling.


Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge can not rise or rising force is weak.


1, relief valve pressure scheduling does not meet the needs: adjust the pressure to the required value.

2, Oil cylinder internal leakage: check or exchange the cylinder components.

3, the reversing valve is stuck or internal leakage: check or exchange the valve components.

4, Oil level is too low, the oil filter is blocked: add enough oil, clean the oil filter.

5, Oil supply pump has shortcomings: check or exchange the pump.


Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge operating lever heavy:


1, the operating lever mechanism has a fault Check, adjust, replace unqualified parts; clean the valve parts; check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

2, control valve spool stuck tight (manufacturing, installation problems, dirt problems).


The mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is made of heterogeneous steel plate, which is different from the general steel and has reliable strength. It can ensure long time use without deformation, and its plate surface is mesh, which fully ensures its highly sexual anti-slip performance. The forklift is safer and more secure to carry goods, even in bad weather operation, there is no big obstacle, still can be used normally. Boarding bridge adjustable length of the lock chain, convenient to hook the truck, is a mobile boarding bridge and truck closely together to prevent the occurrence of forklift loading deviation. It is easy to achieve the height adjustment of the boarding bridge without the need of external power supply, which causes unnecessary trouble. The brake pad of the boarding bridge configuration can effectively prevent the boarding bridge from shifting when loading and unloading trucks, better operation, safer fixed boarding bridge has a safety device to prevent overloading, the use of multi-limit switch protection device, open the door power failure protection device, leakage protection device and multi-layer interactive chain, so that the safety factor of the fixed boarding bridge is much higher than the safety factor of ordinary freight ladders. It is a kind of vertical transportation equipment for goods with a very wide range of use.

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