Mobile lifts before boxing debugging details

Each detail part of the lifting platform is carefully debugged before packing, specific debugging details are as follows.

1、Open the four legs to the specified angle, rotate the screw to make the legs evenly stressed, and adjust to the equipment and the ground vertical.

2, no-load test, first no-load up to the specified height, set the travel switch, repeatedly lift to observe whether the smooth, oil cylinder, pump station, oil pipe there is no oil seepage.

3, bearing test, put the 300kg test block on the center of the working table to the maximum height, carefully observe whether the lifting platform appears skewed, skewed serious should immediately stop, re-commissioning. In a careful observation of the hydraulic system.

4, whether the tire pressure is standard, by repeatedly pulling the equipment, test the tire pressure with a manometer.

5、After debugging in all aspects, finally the appearance of the lifting platform is strictly inspected, and the place where there is a bump is repainted.

All products must undergo strict inspection and repeated debugging before leaving the factory to ensure that each mobile lift is qualified to leave the factory, and unqualified products are strictly prohibited to leave the factory to return high quality products to customers.

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