Mobile lifts are economical, convenient and save features


Mobile lift, the principle is the use of the hydraulic lift plus the electronic integrated controller. Convenient lifting at the same time can adjust the height in a timely manner, taking into account the safety issues a general with non-slip insulation plastic water wave engraved plate, easy to replace, the overall beauty and generosity. No manual lifting ladders as laborious, truly safe and fast! Save time and effort!

1, lifting mechanism using high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube production;

2, with a lifting platform overload hydraulic safety protection system;

3, with a fall protection device to prevent the bursting of the pipeline;

4, With a hand-controlled fall valve for emergency fall in case of power failure;

5, optional telescopic table, to expand the range of aerial work;

6, Optional pneumatic tires or solid core tires;

7, Optional manual hydraulic pump as lifting power;

8, Available with AC two-phase power or three-phase power;

9, optional DC battery or diesel power for power.

electric scissor lift


How to do a good job of mobile lift maintenance and overhaul

1, mobile lift inspection must strictly implement the safety rules and operating procedures. Inspection staff should be aware of the relevant drawings, information and manipulation work.

2, the inspection of hydraulic mobile lift, should be blocked in advance with the equipment connected to all circuits, wind, air and liquid pipelines, and the strict implementation of the equipment inspection manipulation plate system

3, to ensure that the hydraulic lift safety protection, signals and interlocking devices are complete, agile, reliable.

4, the inspection should be in accordance with the prescribed program, the removal of safety devices, and safety precautions. Inspection is completed, the safety device should be restored in a timely manner. Safety protection device changes, should be agreed by the security part, and make a good record, timely filing.

5, in the test before the hydraulic lift truck, should be set in the hydraulic lift truck switch door] at the “someone work, strictly prohibited to close” warning sign. If necessary, a person should be set up to monitor or take technical measures to prevent the power supply accidentally connected.

6, mobile hydraulic lift inspection is completed, should first do a single test run, and then linkage test run. Must ensure that each test and manipulation staff are in a reliable safety position, and take effective labor protection and necessary security measures before powering on the test.

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