Types of mobile loading dock ramp and selection guide


Yard ramp is mainly a kind of ramp equipment used to connect between forklift and truck, so that the goods can be loaded and unloaded quickly. From the early days, there are two types of yard ramp: one is dock ramp and the other is yard ramp. However, with the increasing demand for ramp in the market, the personalized demand for boarding bridges is also increasing, and many ramps manufacturers have developed and manufactured different kinds of yard ramp in order to meet the different needs of customers in the market.


Accurate selection of their own work site needs the boarding bridge, the existing application in the market of the type of boarding bridge is as follows:


First, mobile hydraulic dock: this is a widely used, suitable for loading and unloading is not fixed occasions.


Second, stationary hydraulic boarding bridge: suitable for docks, platforms, warehouses and other fixed places for loading and unloading goods.


Third, embedded hydraulic boarding bridge: it is embedded in the loading and unloading platform in the boarding bridge, after the installation of the boarding bridge main board surface and the loading and unloading platform is horizontal.


Fourth, the table side of the hydraulic boarding bridge: it does not need to dig a pit on the operating platform of loading and unloading goods or reserve a pit in advance, it is directly installed in the front section of the loading and unloading platform edge position, the structure of the building is basically not changed.


In the selection of the boarding bridge, first of all, we must fully understand their own operating site, the site in the end suitable for which kind of boarding bridge in this operation; secondly, we must use the scope of the product, work up the frequency, the usual utilization rate, and the rated lifting of the product and other factors for comprehensive consideration, choose the appropriate boarding bridge.

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