Mobile scissor lift ladder custom aerial working platform


Mobile scissor lift platform is a widely used aerial work equipment. Its shear fork mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform has high stability, wide operating platform and high carrying capacity, so that the aerial work range is greater, and suitable for multiple simultaneous operations. Lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power supply, diesel engine, or battery power source, special environment can also use explosion-proof pump station and explosion-proof electrical appliances. The lift height is 4–22 meters, and the load is 0.3-3 tons. Adopting German Anshan joint venture pump station, the table surface uses non-slip insulated buckle plate, with non-slip, insulated and safe, please feel free to use. It makes the aerial work more efficient and safe.


First, The Scope of Application.


Municipal street light repair and maintenance, traffic, electric power aerial work, community street light repair and maintenance, electric power aerial line, traffic police monitoring repair and maintenance, workshop lighting maintenance, property community aerial work and maintenance.


Second, the characteristics of


  1. with a lifting platform overload hydraulic safety protection system of hydraulic scissor lifting platform, lifting platform main structure using degree of manganese steel rectangular tube production, high strength, strong.
  2. There are three parts: base, arm and table. The base is made of welded steel plate with corresponding strength; the arm is vertical lifting with scissor brace.
  3. With anti-fall safety protection system to prevent pipe bursting.
  4. With hand-controlled descending valve for emergency descent in case of power failure.
  5. Adopt finely ground hydraulic oil cylinder body, imported seals, to ensure good sealing performance of the cylinder.
  6. The height of the lifting platform guard rail is between 900mm-1200mm, customers can choose the height of the guard rail according to their requirements.
  7. lifting platform can also be equipped with manual hydraulic device, can be in the power outage or no power supply places as usual lifting work, and can add telescopic platform, in the platform length is not enough to extend to the required position, so as to improve the efficiency.

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