Mobile scissor lift platform maintenance using routine maintenance.


Daily maintenance.


  1. Check that all markings on the controller should be clear and the instructions are clear.
  2. Check whether the hydraulic system is leaking and whether the oil level is appropriate, and refuel as needed.
  3. Check whether the battery fluid is leaking and whether the level is appropriate, and add distilled water as needed.
  4. Check that all structural parts and other key components are complete and oiled and lubricated, and that relevant fasteners and pins are in the correct position and tightened.


General requirements


  1. Operators should understand the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operation of the control system, and strictly prohibit the use of overload equipment.
  2. Strictly in accordance with the provisions of wearing good labor protection equipment.
  3. Pre-use debugging: Before using the equipment, the battery will be connected according to the requirements of the operating instructions to debug all functions of the equipment to ensure that all operating functions of the equipment are normal and the safety protection devices are sensitive and reliable.
  4. Platform movement: use your hands to push the guardrail to move the machine to the workplace, during the movement
  5. Pay attention to avoid squeezing hands and feet, never move the platform when the platform is in the lifting state or when there are staff, work, materials on the platform.

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