Mobile scissor lift production process technology


First, Introduction of mobile scissor lift


It is a kind of lifting machine used to lift people or objects vertically. It also refers to the vertical transportation equipment in the logistics system, such as factories, automated warehouses, etc. Lifts are often equipped with a variety of flat transport equipment, as a connection device for different height transport lines. Generally adopt hydraulic drive, the so-called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to transporting goods at different heights, they are also widely used for overhead installation and maintenance operations. Free lifting function has been widely used in municipal maintenance, logistics center freight, construction decoration, etc. Equipped with car chassis, battery chassis, etc., walking freely and working height space has been changed. It has the advantages of light weight, self-propelled, electric start, self-standing leg, simple operation, large working area, etc. It can rotate freely through obstacles in 360 degrees.


Second, the classification of mobile scissor lifts


Modern society has a wide range of lifting products and a variety of classification standards. The following types of equipment are commonly used in social production.

Scissor-type scissor lift platform, rail lift platform, aluminum alloy scissor lift platform, sleeve scissor lift platform, folding arm aerial work vehicle, bending arm type. Aerial work vehicles. According to the movement of the elevator, it can be divided into: fixed scissor lift platform, mobile scissor lift platform, self-propelled scissor lift platform and vehicle-mounted scissor lift platform.


Three, how to customize the mobile scissor lift


It a lifting platform with strong structure and good performance needs strict calculation and test, and the structure of strengthening beam and main beam is judged according to the actual use. Reasonable structure helps the lifting platform has higher load capacity and more durable use.

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