Mobile Scissor Lifts


The hydraulic system pressure is too low, resulting in the mobile lift can not lift. The main reasons for low pressure of hydraulic system are:


Damage to the relief valve or set value is too low, especially after the overhaul adjustment relief valve set value, due to improper adjustment, the relief valve set value is easy to appear small, resulting in low system pressure, mobile scissor lift, relief valve damage will also lead to low system pressure; hydraulic system leakage will also lead to low hydraulic system pressure, double column aluminum alloy lifting platform, such as hydraulic pipeline leakage serious, serious oil leakage of oil cylinder It will also lead to low hydraulic system pressure, mobile lift with load can not rise.


1, to understand the lift weight, the ladder will have a rated weight when customizing, customers can choose according to the weight of their up and down goods, such as 500kg/1000kg/2000kg and other kinds of load.

2, The lifting height of hydraulic lift, Shaanxi lifting platform, refers to the travel of the equipment, the distance from the plane to be lifted to the middle of the platform to stop.

3, the size of the hydraulic lift cargo platform should also be carefully accounted for, generally to calculate the size of the upper and lower freight elevator. It should be reminded that the platform of the hydraulic lift cargo ladder would rather be larger to facilitate the up and down of goods, and not too small and no way to use.

4, to consider the in and out of the cargo port door, the location of the open door is very important, it directly affects the direction of the hydraulic lift freight elevator rail.

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