Mobile Scissor  lifts


Mobile lifts usually rely on the static pressure of the liquid medium within a certain mechanical and electronic system to complete the accumulation, transmission and amplification of energy and to realize the lightness, science and maximization of mechanical functions.


Mobile lift components can be roughly divided into the following from the function.


1, the hydraulic pump that transforms mechanical energy into liquid energy;

2, Hydraulic control valves that regulate and control pressure energy;

3, the pressure energy into mechanical energy of the hydraulic actuator;

4, the transmission of pressure energy and the liquid itself to adjust the necessary hydraulic auxiliary parts.


The basic function of a hydraulic circuit is to transfer energy in the form of liquid pressure energy in an easily controlled manner. In terms of energy transfer, hydraulics is roughly in the middle of mechanical and electrical energy transfer. On the other hand, in terms of transmission characteristics, mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission device can be said to have fixed characteristics, artificial mobile lift, in contrast, mobile lift hydraulic transmission device and electrical transmission device, the same, with the characteristics of stepless variable speed device, in addition to constant power, mobile lift, but also easy to achieve constant speed and constant torque and other characteristics.


Product features.


1,The table surface is made of special diamond-shaped grid plate with reliable strength, which can ensure long-term use without deformation. Its waveform steel grid-like structure fully ensures excellent anti-slip performance and makes the forklift have better climbing and maneuverability. Even in rainy and snowy weather, it can still ensure normal use.

2,The adjustable length cable chain can be easily hooked to the truck, so that the mobile boarding bridge and the truck always fit closely.

3,Adopt hand-crank hydraulic pump as power, no external power supply can easily achieve the height adjustment of the mobile boarding bridge.

4,The brake pad can effectively prevent the boarding bridge from shifting when loading and unloading the truck.

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