Mobile Scissor Lifts,Electric Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Mobile scissor lift is a widely used aerial work equipment. Its scissor fork mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform and high carrying capacity, so that the aerial work range is larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes the work efficiency higher and the safety more secure.

Lifting platform classification.

Scissor lifts are divided into: fixed scissor lifts, mobile scissor lifts, self-propelled scissor lifts, vehicle-mounted scissor lifts, manual traction scissor lifts, cargo scissor elevators

Lifting platform operating procedures.

1. Only trained and qualified personnel can operate the lift.

2. Lifts on the operating personnel hanging seat belts.

3. Before the lift starts to put into operation, need to use the legs to level the chassis, and the feet pad solid.

4. The operator concentrate on the operation order according to the operation manual.

5. In the process of lifting the table, it should be smooth and flexible, no sudden jump or jamming phenomenon, if the above phenomenon occurs, it should stop immediately to check and try to eliminate before working.

6. hydraulic system if one of the following conditions should immediately stop to check, and take measures to eliminate: a) abnormal noise.
e) press the “up” or “down” button, or push the “up” or “down” manual valve after The table does not move.

7. Press the “up” or “down” button after the action, if the table does not move, in addition to the hydraulic system should be checked, should also check the lifting mechanism has no jamming phenomenon, whether the electrical part of the broken line, whether overload.

8. There should be safety headroom above the table

9. In the power supply or table lifting process before the power is disconnected, the operator pay attention to make all controllers are in the zero position.

10. In the process of lifting the workbench, any part of the body of the person carrying the workbench shall not be beyond the boundary of the workbench.

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