Multi-mast aerial work platform

Product characteristics.

Multi-mast type large aerial work lifts, with six-mast structure, stability will be better, and flexible operation, large load capacity, large platform area, easy to move, with interlocking system, retractable column and safety factor 10:1 lifting double chain, and steel wire safety protection system to strengthen the strength and reliability, suitable for ordinary lifts can not reach the height of the lift, the maximum height of 26 meters And the load can reach about 200kg, with hydraulic flip frame for standard access.

Multi-mast aluminum alloy lift: the mast adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profile as the main material, the working voltage is 220V, the motor power is 3.5kw, the maximum height is 25 meters to realize the super high altitude operation; the six-mast lift is beautiful in shape, convenient in operation, safe and reliable.

Six mast column aluminum alloy lift features.

1. Hydraulic cylinder seals are imported seals, lengthening the service life.
2. All of the lifting mast adopts multi-directional guide wheel device, and the multi-directional gapless cooperation between the mast guide wheel makes the platform lift smoothly and freely, which greatly reduces the wobbliness.
3. When the lifting platform loses power unexpectedly (power failure), the emergency descending device can be opened to make the platform descend slowly to the initial position.
4. Hydraulic pump station (motor, gear pump, solenoid valve) all use a complete set of hydraulic station, noise down to the minimum decibel.
5. The machine system is equipped with anti-pipeline rupture device, once the pipeline ruptures, it will automatically shut down and lock the original position of the platform. The system is equipped with an anti-pipe rupture device,

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