Safety precautions for the use of lifts

1. Lifting platform operators must be standardized to wear safety belts and helmets.
2. It is prohibited to work at height when the legs are not supported or the support is not in place.
3. Prohibit aerial work when the lifting platform is moving.
4. Prohibit aerial work that requires electric operation.
5. Prohibit the operation of wind force greater than 6, and prohibit the aerial work under the rated load.
6. Non-electrical professionals are not allowed to dismantle and install electrical appliances to prevent electric shock or misconnection.
7. When entering the interior of the lifting platform for maintenance when the platform is rising, the lifting platform must be suspended to prevent the fall of the platform itself and cause casualties.
8. Check whether the platform is intact before starting, and whether the safety devices such as guardrails are intact.
9. When the lift is raised, the operator must pay close attention to the distance from the object above to avoid collision with the body.
10. When the lift moves to use the position or walking, the lift platform must be lowered to the minimum, retrieve the four legs of the lift, cut off the power before moving.
11. When the lift is working, no one is allowed to stand within 2 meters around, to prevent injuries from falling objects.
12. The lift should be operated by at least two operators, and the operation should be supervised by someone, and the guard should be firmly stuck.
13. When lifting to operate smoothly, always pay attention to the situation above, to prevent tools from falling down and injuring people.
14. If abnormalities or oil leaks are found, it should be stopped and repaired in time, not to be used with disease.
15. Lower the platform after work, cut off the power, and collect the legs, the lift will be pushed and placed in the designated position.

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