Scissor lift operation process needs to control the points

More and more scissor lifts are used in factories, construction sites, this new type of aerial work tools to our work has brought a lot of convenience, but also brought some safety hazards, from the analysis of the construction site lifting platform, the focus of attention should be placed on preventing the lift from tipping, scraping, electrocution and several other aspects.

Operation of the scissor lift staff must pay attention to the following points in the operation process of control:

1, the use of lift personnel must wear a full-body safety belt. Lifts in the lifting process will be safety belt tied to the platform, basket or manufacturer manufactured tied to the point. When lift lift to work height, safety belt is no longer tied to the lift, should be tied to other structures reliable hanging point, if there is no reliable hanging point, should use steel wire rope tied to hang in the steel beam or concrete beam, and safety belt tied to the wire rope ring.

2、The installed lift is accepted by the site safety engineer before use, and hang the permitted use sign before putting into use.
The body of the lift should be labeled with the following content: lift speed limit, rated load capacity, maximum lift height, the name of the manufacturer and the date of production, etc.

3、Lift operators must attend training on fall protection and lift use before they can start operating the equipment. The lift must be inspected before use every day, and fill out the checklist, the lift operation area must be maintained with warning tape, set up warning signs, and set up a full-time guardian.

4、The user of the lift must operate in accordance with the operating procedures of the lift, which must be on open flat ground, not allowed to run on uneven ground. Lift legs must be fully open and firmly supported, when the lift is in the rising position, the operator can not leave.


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