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How to maintain mobile lifts


Mobile lift equipment will create problems after a long time, so we have to maintain, not only to extend the service life of the equipment, but more importantly, to ensure that the next equipment can be used normally to avoid problems in the process of use, mobile lift is also the case. The following Jinan Hontylift Machinery Co., Ltd. to introduce how to maintain the mobile lift.

First,Monthly maintenance


When lift maintenance personnel enter the interior of the lift to work, the lift must be suspended to prevent the lift from suddenly falling and causing casualties.

1. Check the lubricity and wear of rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings; cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings, etc.

2.  The above parts are filled with lubricant. Extend the service life of the bearings.

3. Check the quality and oil level of hydraulic oil. When the lifting platform is raised to a high place, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the tank. hydraulic oil oil color becomes dark, oil quality

viscous, or there are foreign objects such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time.


Second, the end of the year maintenance

1、Check the hydraulic pressure and pipeline connection parts. If the pipeline connection part is damaged, it should be replaced immediately, and if the pipeline joint is loose, it should be tightened.

2、Disassemble the descending valve, use compressed air to blow the spool clean, and install it from new.

3、Drain all the hydraulic oil from the tank, open the tank, take out the oil suction filter, wash it and install it back into the tank and install it in the original position. The oil tank is refilled with new oil.

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