Scissor Lifts

Introduction of scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts is a widely used aerial work equipment. Its scissor fork mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability after lifting, wide working platform and high carrying capacity, which makes the aerial working range bigger and suitable for more than one person to work at the same time. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer. It is a widely used aerial work lifting equipment.

Scissor lifts features.

The lifting mechanism is made of manganese steel alloy vantage point tube of degree. There is a safety protection device to prevent the lift from overloading. Equipped with a safety protection valve to prevent the hydraulic line from breaking. Equipped with emergency descending device in case of power failure. The product is suitable for mobile aerial work such as installation and maintenance of aerial equipment in various industries. According to different requirements can choose different power forms (such as: three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, DC power and internal combustion power, etc.), plus the manual hydraulic device, can be in the power outage or no power places as usual lifting work, and can be added to the telescopic platform, in the platform length is not enough to extend to the required position, so as to improve the efficiency. It is the ideal product for modern tall buildings and equipment, and is a safe and civilized production at high altitude.

Scissor lifts use.

Suitable for airport terminals, aircraft repair, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, community property, factories and mines workshop and other large continuous work at height. Part of the product has the function of automatic walking, can be in different working conditions, slow walking, only one person in the air can operate the machine to complete continuous up and down, forward, backward, turning and other actions. When the machine is stopped, the wheels are always in the braking state, and can reliably brake at 6 degrees slope. Large-diameter, extra-wide high-quality rubber wheels make the user ground is effectively protected at the same time, increasing the friction of braking.

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