Scissor lifts for safe operation

Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the rapid development of the economy, in urban construction, more and more high-rise buildings appear, high-rise buildings have the demand for aerial work. As aerial work must use scissor lifts to complete the construction tasks, therefore, the requirements for lifting platforms are getting higher and higher, the variety of lifting equipment, the number of lifting equipment is increasing, and the performance of lifting equipment is becoming more and more intelligent.

Scissor lifts to how to operate safely:

1, Maintain the oil pipeline and the oil filter method of the scissor lift

Maintenance of lifting platform pipeline and oil filter must be the correct method, maintenance of lifting equipment, first remove and throw away the internal hydraulic oil, tighten the joint, remove the internal oil filter, clean the filter to use compressed air, and then put the filter back into the equipment’s oil tank connected pipeline, connected to carefully check the pipeline again, and then carefully check again, in order to ensure safety.

2, scissor lift placed in a flat and solid ground is the key to safe operation

When using a scissor lift, be sure to place the scissor lift in a flat, solid ground to avoid lifting equipment does not flip when working to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

Scissor lift for the intelligent series of products, so the daily use of such machinery and equipment to facilitate aerial work in the process, must be carefully maintained, and do a good job of routine maintenance of equipment to ensure that lifting equipment can play its maximum role, while ensuring the safety of construction personnel. To make lifting equipment safe operation, it is necessary to do the routine maintenance of equipment, the use of equipment will be assured.

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