Scissor Lift Table



> The standard lift table is also called mini scissor lift table or small lift table. It is a stationary electric hydraulic lift table, which can be used in industrial or civil. How to diy exclusive scissor lift table >> ?

> The car lift platform is the standard configuration of the car repair shop, designed to better assist your work.

> The electric hydraulic lift table is often used in harbor freight, there are small and large points, and sometimes it is also used in industrial. And comes with a lot of kits. Get a price quote >> or diy hydraulic lifting table >>.

standard lift table
car lift platform

Car lift platform

hydraulic scissor lift table

Hydraulic lift table

Application for scissor lift table

> The standard scissor lift table has flexible movement, stable lifting, large load capacity, and convenient operation. It is widely used in factories, gas stations, docks, building decoration.

> Car platform lift are equipped with scissors and dual hydraulic cylinders drives, and for vertical transfer of cars.

> A hydraulic lift table raises and lowers when hydraulic fluid is forced into or out of the stainless steel hydraulic lift table hydraulic cylinder(s). As hydraulic fluid is forced into a cylinder, the cylinder strokes outward forcing the scissor legs apart.

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