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Standard Lift Table

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Standard Lift Table

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Standard Lift Table

lifting height: 1000mm

platform size: 1.30m*0.82m

loading capacity: 1000kg


The standard lifting table is made of high-strength steel plate, and the size can be customized according to requirements. It has a standard ride height, platform size and load capacity. It can be controlled by a single person.

It is used to convey the goods from one working level to another.
The control panels are available at the designated floors and on the lift platforms.
Heavy capacity,platform size and lifting height can be chosen according to your actual needs.

handle control

high quality pump station

hydraulic cylinder

obstruction detection

rectangular steel tube

rectangular steel tube

Application and features for standard lift table

——Installed in the pit, do not occupy space.
——When lifting up or down, up, down and stop three buttons control the lift.
——Great load capacity, 125% capacity load test. Anti-skid platform.
——Sensitive overload protection devices locking device for failing protection.
1. Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.
2. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.
3. Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency.
4.Safety bar: When platform decline, if it touch anything, it will be stop, so it can protect goods or operators.
5. Phase lack & phase dislocation protection.

Parameter Table

model loading capacity(kg) mini height(mm) max height(mm) platform size(mm) lift time(second) power pack net weight
HW-1001 1000 205 1000 1300*820 20-25 380V/50HZ AC 1.1kw 160
HW-1002 205 1000 1600*1000 20-25 186
HW-1003 240 1300 1700*850 30-35 200
HW-1004 240 1300 1700*1000 30-35 210
HW-1005 240 1300 2000*850 30-35 212
HW-1006 240 1300 2000*1000 30-35 223

Standard Lift Table Optional Parts


Standard Lift Table FAQ

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Standard Lift Table Brochure.pdf

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