Self-propelled folding boom lift


Self-propelled folding boom lift, easy to move, compact folding boom structure, the use of new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to AC power or the use of its own DC power supply to start, erection speed, design using three-stage folding arm combination. The use of battery power drive walking, no external power supply and manual traction.


The folding boom lift can hover over the work, especially suitable for crossing obstacles, lifting a large range of multi-point work in one place, field and no power supply place operations, greatly improving the efficiency. The series of hydraulic lift products have the functions of rising, falling, rotating (360 degrees), probing, etc., simple operation, easy to use, large operating surface, safe and reliable.


The working table of the self-propelled folding boom lift can be raised and extended horizontally, and can also be rotated, so it is easy to cross the obstacles to reach the working position, which is the ideal aerial work equipment.


The folding boom lift has an upward span and outward extension of the working range, and has a convenient towing capacity. It provides better operation performance in the industry and can flexibly reach various locations of construction sites. Lightweight and versatile in operation, they are ideal for use in crowded construction sites and are favored by contractors, maintenance workers and painters.


It is widely used in municipal, electric power, street light, advertising, communication, photography, gardening, transportation, wharf, airport and port, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries for installation and maintenance and ascent work. Can also be customized according to the user’s different uses, different operating sites, different configurations and functions.

Towable boom lifts

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