Self-propelled lift

The self-propelled lift is the most technically advanced aerial lift platform. According to the structure and material of the lift, it is divided into scissor lift platform, aluminum alloy self-propelled lift platform, curved arm self-propelled lift platform and self-propelled sleeve lift platform.

The self-propelled lift has the characteristics of high automation, simple operation and high operational efficiency. It has automatic walking function, can be in a variety of working conditions, only rely on their own power and device, a single person can complete the lift forward, backward, turning, fast, slow walking and lifting and other operations, labor-saving, labor-saving. When the lift moves, it does not need to be put away, it can realize the mobile function in the raised state, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved.

The main feature of the self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is that the user does not need to lower the lifting platform to control the mechanical lifting and walking, and can control the equipment to other workplace operations. The equipment itself has walking and steering drive function, no manual traction, no external power supply. The flexible and convenient movement makes working at height easier and faster. It is the ideal aerial work equipment for modern enterprises to produce efficiently and safely.

Scope of application

Self-propelled hoist is the ideal aerial work equipment for street light maintenance, traveling car maintenance, aerial line maintenance, communication line maintenance, aerial cleaning, aircraft missile disassembly and installation, etc. Widely used in stations, docks, airports, stadiums, large industrial parks, military enterprises, etc.

Precautions for the use of self-propelled hydraulic lifts.

1. The lifting platform must be placed on a solid plane to prevent tipping over during work. The climbing slope during walking does not exceed 25 degrees.
2. Work according to the load specified on the nameplate. Overload and eccentric load are strictly prohibited.
3. Guardrails must be installed and fixed before working at height. The locking door must be closed after personnel enter the platform.
4. It is strictly forbidden to move the machine during the lifting process, and the platform must be lowered to a safe height before moving the working position.
5. Open the operating handle and press the “up” or “down” button to start the lift. If it does not move, it should stop immediately.
6. It takes about 8 hours for the battery to be fully charged. After fully charged, it can work under normal working intensity for 8 hours, and keep rising, lowering or walking for 2 hours.
7. The machine has been debugged and tested before delivery and meets the standard. Please do not adjust the circuit and hydraulic system.
8. Outdoor aerial work is strictly prohibited in windy and thunderstorms.

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