Self-propelled scissor lift composition


Self-propelled scissor lift with automatic walking function, can be in different working conditions, no external power supply, no external power traction can be lifted freely, and the equipment walking steering can be completed by only one person.


Self-propelled scissor lift composition.


DC electric drive wheel has a self-locking function, the brake separates when the drive wheel is working, and automatically locks when it is not working.


Self-propelled lifting platform has the following components.


  1. Scissor fork main structure and telescopic table, and safety guardrail;
  2. Automatic walking DC electric drive wheel;
  3. Hydraulic system: pump station, oil cylinder, etc;
  4. DC power supply, charger;
  5. Electric control box and operation box.

Self-propelled scissor lift use and maintenance of common sense.

  1. In use, the working table should be kept horizontal;
  2. Outdoor operating environment is harsh, the use of personnel should be tied to the safety rope;
  3. Self-propelled scissor lift lift process, climbing is strictly prohibited;
  4. Self-propelled lift shall not be moved after lifting, four legs are not tightened shall not be lifted operation;
  5. The use of the process of overload work is strictly prohibited, the goods should be properly placed;
  6. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean, not mixed with water and other impurities, generally replaced every six months;
  7. maintenance or failure, should be promptly cut off the power supply, lift the self-propelled lift should be fixed firmly before proceeding.

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